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you build the brand

first step

Choose the products, or let us develop your own

We offer a comprehensive line of expertly formulated standard products. They cover most situations, are gentle yet effective, and they achieve stunning results, leaving a dog's coat, lustrous, nourished and tangle-free.
But if you would like to develop your own range, you are very welcome to tap into our vast knowledge of plants, essences, natural oils and botanical extra-cts to create, with our help, a tailor-made, truly unique formula.


second step

Choose your packaging

Select containers which will contribute to your brand's shelf appeal and positioning.
We can advise you on the most practical shapes, the technical constraints, and give you a wealth of options and contacts in the world of packaging and labeling%u2014so you will get the best combination at the best price.


third step

Create your own identity

Label design%u2014and logo design, should you need it%u2014are essential to branding and will help convey your message in style.
Through our own activities, we have been working hand in hand with several highly professional graphic designers. This puts us in an ideal position to facilitate your search for firstclass graphic solutions.


fourth step

Prepare the product launch

When it comes to production and logistics, you can rely on our experienced technical team.
All our manufacturing is done locally, in Los Angeles, under our close supervision, and we will make sure that the production of your products runs smoothly and on-time.


Your brand is just a call or an e-mail away!
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