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Deep Cleansing

Spina Organics Deep Cleansing Dog Body Wash

This Green Tea Leaf Extract body wash helps restore the fur's natural oils and moisture balance. A synergetic blend of roots, herbs, Argan and Moringa seed oils, cleansing agents, and earth minerals gently removes dirt and regulates the natural pH balance.

17 FL.OZ.  $17.50



Spina Organics Hydrating Dog Body Wash

A super moisturizing system of light cleansing agents and special conditioners including Argan oil to help replenish the fur's essential moisture. Humectants make the fur pliable and add flexibility. Natural proteins add volume and gloss.

17 FL.OZ.  $17.50


Itch Relief

Spina Organics Itch Relief Dog Body Wash

This ultra-gentle Body Wash is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. Rich in botanicals and essential vitamins, it gently cleanses away impurities and restores the skin's pH balance without stripping away the fur's natural oils. Your dog's coat is left thicker, softer and healthier.

17 FL.OZ.  $17.50



Spina Organics Gentle & Tear-free Puppy Wash

This ultra-gentle, tearless body wash cleanses away impurities with low suds and rinses off easily. Specifically formulated for young puppies. Leaves skin and coat soft, shiny, fresh and clean. Naturally pH-balanced. Infused with Lavender & Argan oil.

17 FL.OZ.  $17.50


Black & Grey

Spina Organics Black & Grey Dog Body Wash

This bamboo and charcoal-infused body wash was formulated to enrich and restore black and gray coats while provi ding brilliant shine. This unique body wash bursts into a rich lather, cleansing skin and fur as it evens out coat colors.

17 FL.OZ.  $24.00


Fur Refresher

Spina Organics Fur Refresher

This signature lavender scent is made with all-natural botanical extracts and essential oils to help protect your dog's fur and skin. This fur refresher is great for use in between baths to neutralize odors and leave your dog's coat shiny, smooth and soft without oily residues.

9 FL.OZ.  $16.00


Fur Detangler

Spina Organics Fur Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner leaves your dog's fur soft and nourished without weighing it down. Eliminates tangles and leaves fur static-free. Enriched with Argan and Moringa oil to make your dog's coat softer than ever before.

9 FL.OZ.  $16.00


Miracolo Oil

Spina Organics Miracolo Oil Hot Spot treatment

As its Italian name implies, this special oil, enriched with a healing, rich blend of botanical extracts, will work miracles on small wounds and irritated, itchy spots. Sulfate-free, paraben-free. No animal testing or use of by-products.

1 FL.OZ.  $25.00


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