As one of Beverly Hills top hairstylists, Mauro Spina knows a thing or two about hair care. When his dog Tina suffered from alopecia and pimples, Mauro's goal was simple-- create a line of healthy, organic, and natural pet grooming products as an alternative to the chemical treatments and injections that vets proposed. Using the finest botanicals and essential oils to cleanse, soothe, and heal, Mauro began to expertly blend the best organic dog body washes, conditioner, and treatments your fur family has ever felt!


You see it, they feel it.

As an Italian child in a small village in Puglia, Mauro watched as his grandmother utilized the Flora for health and beauty treatments for the townspeople and their neighbors. Learning how to expertly blend plant’s leaves, blossoms, fruit, stems, roots, and seeds with just the right carrier oil, Mauro learned about the antifungal (anti-yeast) and antibacterial benefits many of these plants provide when topically applied. Whether it's the charcoal and bamboo mix to make a black dog's coat shinier than it's ever been or evening primrose oil to help with eczema or atopic dermatitis in the Hypoallergenic Body Wash, you can be sure that you're using a 'clean' product. Even our preservatives are vegan, all- natural, and remain active for up to 2 years!


Here in California, we are innovative, we like healthy, we insist on natural, cruelty free products, we favor organic foods, and for ourselves, just as our pets, we take it from Oscar Wilde: we have the simplest tastes - we are always satisfied with the best.


No one is better than Mauro at taking care of your pet's hair. He takes care of your hair, now let  him take care of your dog's.

The Spina Organics Story