5 Reasons to Wash Your Dog at Home

5 Reasons to Wash Your Dog at Home

Rub a dub dub, when was the last time your dog got in the tub? The dirty truth may be that you don’t wash your pup as frequently as you would like to. We understand, it can be difficult to determine how often you should give your dog a bath. No need to fear, Spina is here! Your beloved furry friend means alot to you, and making sure they are looking and feeling fresh and clean is our priority! We are here to help you why it’s good for him, and how to choose the best wash.
  1. Properly bathing your dog will help keep his skin and coat as healthy as possible. Throw away any belief you may have had about harming your dog’s skin and coat by frequently bathing. Try out our super moisturizing Hydrating Wash from Spina Organics to replenish the fur’s essential moisture. Light cleansing agents and special conditioners including Argan oil make the fur pliable and add flexibility.

  2. Choosing a body wash that is suds above the rest ensures that your dog coat’s will be properly cared for. Give your best friend the best ingredients, to receive the best results. Our Gentle & Tear Free wash is perfect for any and all dogs especially puppies, with an ultra-gentle, tearless body wash that cleanses away impurities with low suds and rinses off easily. Leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny, fresh and clean.

  3. With the changing of the seasons, you find that your pup’s fur texture and length tends to change. Our Deep Cleansing wash from Spina Organics removes pollutant build-up while maintaining the richness in your dog’s precious coat. Combat the harsh and continuous weather changes by bathing your pup with our wash once a week to revi­ve the fur’s shine and vigor.

  4. Do you find that your pup starts to smell after a long day of running around in the dirt and rolling around in the yard. This may indicate that it’s time to give them a bath! Typically you should wash your dog somewhere between once a month to once every couple weeks. When it’s bath time, you can always count on our range to help you out with all your sudsy troubles.  

Who can resist cuddles from your adorable pup? If you can’t wait to bring your dog to the groomer, a bath at home between sessions is the best option.  Our range of all-natural and organic washes help restore the fur’s natu­ral oils and moisture balance.  A synergetic blend of roots, herbs, Argan and Moringa seed oils, cleansing agents, and earth minerals gently removes dirt and regulates the natural pH balance.
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