Itch Relief

Summer can be uncomfortable particularly when you're sweating and still wearing your coat. In wintertime, temperatures drop, and home heating systems kick on drying out the skin and coat! And in both these scenarios, our moisturizing, healing botanical and essential oil blends target just the right combo to return your pet's skin to its' natural pH balance.

Choose from our Itch Relief, Flea & Tick, or Hypoallergenic Body Washes and help your fur baby feel better. Follow the cleansing, soothing bath with the Leave-In Detangler Conditioner or Leave-in F&T Treatment, both of which also help to de-matt and condition, and an important step in any bathing system. And if your bff has bites or red spots due to excessive scratching, you'll be amazed what our hot spot Miracolo Oil treatment does. Just a small drop of the quick-absorbing, healing oil will return your pet's skin to a natural, healthy place.  Let your fur family enjoy the whole spa experience!