The Original Spina Organics System

Choose one of our 8 Dog Body Washes and bathe your pup with an all-natural cleanse and fantastic scent. Work the shampoo in to a nice lather on your four-legged friend and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse the coat well with clean water and towel dry your fur baby.  Apply a light mist of the Leave-in Conditioner Detangler to the pet's coat, working it in with your fingers and see how easy it is to brush the coat out! If there's any irritations or abrasions on the dog's skin, apply a drop of the Miracolo Oil for fast healing. And of course, our fur refreshers are for those not enough time, in-between bath moments! The light, fresh scent will soothe your pooch and make you both very happy for days to come.