Having Pet Grooming Products On-Hand Is a Must

Having Pet Grooming Products On-Hand Is a Must

It’s About Time We Rethink Bath Time
Having Pet Grooming Products On-Hand Is a Must


Sure, dropping your pet off at the groomers is one less chore on the to-do list, but what happens when your pup decides it’s a good idea to roll around in the mud-puddles post rain? The groomers are closed for the day and you don’t have time to stop by tomorrow.

Having a stash of pet-grooming products in the house is a must. You can’t always count on the groomer— stash your favorite pet products in your bathroom to ensure you always have some on hand. Make sure these products have both cleansing and soothing properties (botanical-based with pH balanced ingredients is best). This will ensure a non-irritating, extra-gentle and always-safe grooming experience.


Why having Pet Grooming Products on Hand is Essential:

If taking your dog to the groomers continues to get put on the backburner, it can have a serious influence on their health. Moisture gets trapped underneath their knotted coat, ultimately preventing airflow and causing skin irritation and infection. Grooming at home is cost-effective, there is zero commute/waiting time and it is smart way to stay on top of your pet’s health.

Not to mention, if you’re always having your pooch professionally pampered, you’re actually missing out on some serious pup-lovin’ time. Grooming your pet with your own hands creates a loyal bond between dogs and their owners. Brushing and grooming are activities that increase a positive relationship; this should be a pleasant and relaxing experience for all.

Bath time for your furry friend is also a wonderful training tactic. Praising and rewarding your pup with tasty treats and lots of kisses helps promote calm behavior while associating bathing with rewards. It also promotes less of a reaction when your touch them in sensitive areas.

Likewise, it’s great practice for you too. Even if you always count on bringing your dog to the groomers there will come a time when you need to clean him yourself; trust us.

But what about when your furry friend doesn’t need a full bath? Staying on top of your pooch’s pet care routine is a good idea. If dogs are bathed too frequently their skin may dry out and their coat may be stripped of natural oils. Bathing is not a routine— rather, an activity only done when necessary. So during that in-between phase, consider detangling products your go-to. Brushing helps distribute natural skin oils and fosters a shiny coat. Dirt will slide off the hair; prolonging the need for a bath.

Grooming your pup. It’s not a task. It’s not a ship-off appointment. It’s not a dreaded, messy activity. It’s time we rethink bath time as bonding time and share some sudsy good-lovin’ products with our best furry friend.

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