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Lucia got a bath tonight in my bathtub. See how she looks before and after!
Thanks, Mauro Spina for your fabulous natural doggie shampoo Spina Organics!!

Joyce, Los Angeles, CA





I get a ton of compliments on my hair due to Mauro's human products. So when he launched Spina Organics, I was thrilled to share my secret with my 100lb Otterhound and my 85lb Rotterman. No wet dog smell anymore around the house! And after a wash with Spina Organics, my fur babies not only look better they seem happier, too.

Ellen, Los Angeles, CA


Lately, Mike has been smelling like the dog, When I told him the conditioner was actually the dog's, he didn't care. He said he likes the way it makes his hair look and feel!

Penni, Los Angeles, CA

 Spina Organics is the only pet product that makes Ziggy shine naturally.

Jeff & Paula, Encino, CA


We washed Griffin last night and we were amazed : the shampoo left Griffin's fur so soft, light and shiny, result we had never seen before with other products, which left his fur coarse and weighed down. And we loved the leave-in condi­tioner: it left Griffin's coat loook as silky and polished as a cashmere sweater. Thank you, Mauro!

Julie, Portland, OR


Fashionista is the own dog care brand of our Cute Sophia Loren. It was developed by Mauro Spina, the celebrity hair stylist who launched Spina Organics, and it makes your pups look soft and beautiful. In addition, it is organic and vegan.

Anne Maria, Albuquerque, NM


I wash Matzah in Hydrating Shampoo, Puppy Shampoo and then I use the leave-in conditioner. Matzah's hair is so soft! And she smells so good! Thank you, Mauro, for your wonderful products. I have been a professional dog groomer for 30 years and this is the first time I have found a shampoo that is perfect and doesn't make the dogs itch.

Karen, Simi Valley, CA


Donating the shampoo to Paw Works was very generous! I'm a groomer / shop owner who volunteers my time to Paw Works. I look forward to trying your brand, which I had not been familiar with prior to the Paw Works posts! I use only natural shampoos in my salon, and if I like it, I'll buy and recommend it.
Just wanted to take a second to say "Thank You" for donating to such an important cause!

Veronica, California


I was having a conversation with Starlight Express as he was sitting on his favorite chair, being brushed using his favorite Leave-In Conditioner by Spina Organics: "Mmmm", Starlight Express said. "It smells and feels so good and really gets these snarly mats out with ease. This is the best detangler that my Mum has ever used. It is enriched with Argan and Moringa oil and makes my coat ever so soft. I'm an Afghan Hound puppy and when I go through what they call 'blowing my coat' my hair mats up really easily. I am so glad that the Italian living in Beverly Hills, Mauro Spina, came up with all these healthy products! They only contain good ingredients that won't make me sick. Thank you, Mauro Spina, for all you have done for us doggies. We love you".

Angela Carolyn


I had the pleasure of meeting Mauro at the Global Pet Expo in March. He is the epitome of someone in love with his work. His passion shines through in the quality of these products. I am super excited to be able to offer them to you, and I hope you and your dog will love them, too.

Monomoy Horse & Dog


I'm just blown away! My friend Angela Carolyn's dogs are always so beautiful, so I asked what products she uses and she said Spina Organics.Then she told me how she met Mauro Spina on Rodeo Drive while walking her beautiful affie, and how Mauro suggested she try these products. She's been using them ever since.
Anyway, she sent me some shampoo and leave-in conditioner for my 2 cotton coat Afghan Hounds. I was very skeptical because I'd tried many different products over the last 5 years. After the first bath, I was very surprised that their cotton coats were no longer flyaway or dry.
I was still skeptical, and figured I'd wait until after the 2nd bath.Well, today was the 2nd bath.There seems to be no build-up, and once again, the coat is just stunning and healthy-looking.I'm hooked.
I show my Cleopatra, whom you see in the picture, in AKC Obedience classes. She was rated #1 Obedience Afghan in the country in 2016.


My breed, the Mini Bull Terrier, is known to have allergies and itchy skin. I love your product for my girl, her coat has never been better.

Sandi Layman, Molalla, Oregon

"surrounds and breaks down dirt and debris naturally"

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"Straight A: anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antifungal."

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"organic flea and tick treatment system with a body wash, leave-in treatment spray, and a rinse-free, tear-free, unscented daily pet facial cleanser made with micellar water."

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"This wonderful, cruelty-free product line out of Southern California offers only the finest vegan ingredients, botanical extracts, and essential oils."

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