Miracolo Oil – a natural solution for hot spots

Miracolo Oil – a natural solution for hot spots

By Ellen Pittleman

We all know how annoying an itch can be. In the summer when fleas and ticks are rampant, it’s quite common for our beloved fur babies to develop hot, red spots on their bodies. Whether these “hot spots” come from environmental causes, allergies, or other health-related reasons, they’re uncomfortable and, in many cases, persistent. Add to that the recent rise in allergic dermatitis and food intolerance diagnoses, poor hygiene resulting from matted and dirty coats, and frequent exposure to moisture – and you’ve got a recipe for itchy skin.

Treating the problem before it worsens

As our pups repeatedly lick and scratch themselves trying to relieve their own discomfort, the lesions may get worse. Bacteria love warm, moist environments, so sometimes a secondary bacterial infection can occur if the hot spots are left untreated. Most conventional veterinary treatments include oral or injectable medications that often come with some undesirable side effects. But typically a simple bath using a high-quality, hydrating shampoo and conditioner is enough to solve – or at least minimize – the problem, proving that topical therapies can be very effective.

It’s a common myth that bathing your dog too frequently will dry out his skin. In fact, fleas drown when pets are bathed, and allergens are rinsed off the skin, so simply keeping your pet clean is a good first step to easing his itchiness. Another good option for pet parents who want to avoid prescription remedies is an organic oil. Spina Organics’ Miracolo Oil is enriched with a healing blend of botanical extracts and essential oils that are carefully mixed to heal small wounds and irritated itchy spots. It utilizes a high concentration of vitamin E, offering a 100% natural, vegan, unscented solution for hot spots, hives, and dry skin.

The healing power of oils

Miracolo oil contains Argan, grapeseed, avocado, prickly pear, and sunflower oils – among others. They’re all naturally rich in Vitamin E, which is actually a group of fat-soluble vitamins rather than a single vitamin; its properties have antioxidant effects that moisturize and fight inflammation. Consequently, Miracolo Oil naturally relieves burning and itching, and can even work to soothe sunburns. 

Argan and grapeseed oils– hydrate and restore shine to the coat and skin without making it feel greasy and weighed down.

Grapeseed oil– very light; helps stimulate fur regrowth.

Avocado and sunflower oils– accelerate the healing of wounds and reduce scarring; ease itchy, dry skin and bug bites.

Prickly pear seed oil– contains a high content of essential fatty acids that calms inflammation and redness.

When these oils are naturally harvested from the earth, carefully selected for their medicinal benefits and combined with other healing oils, the result is “miracolo-us!” If you’re looking for a natural way to help scratch your animal companion’s itch, reach for a product that’s healthy, natural and organic – like Miracolo Oil. Who knows… you might even want to borrow it for your own use!

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