The Safer Way To Fight Fleas and Ticks

The Safer Way To Fight Fleas and Ticks

As temperatures start to increase, so does the likelihood that your precious pup will come in contact with fleas and ticks. The additional humidity during the summer months provide an ideal breeding ground for these harmful pests. Fortunately, Spina Organics is here to save the day by delivering a system of safe and effective flea and tick treatments that can help prevent and control these parasites.


Dogs are naturally very curious and social by nature, which will likely lead them to be exposed to fleas and ticks either by being outdoors or by coming in contact with other animals. Fleas can easily jump from carrier to carrier, and start a new colony on your beloved pet. Similarly, ticks are insects that cling onto your dog’s body and can also pose a great threat to your dog’s health. The irritating bites from these parasites eventually cause intense itching and scratching for your pet, and further infection as well as dermatitis and hair loss. When fleas and ticks are present it can lead to both diseases and health issues, transmitting tapeworms from fleas and Lyme disease from ticks.


Be wary, there are many flea and tick solutions on the market that contain dangerous substances that poison your pet once they sink into their skin. Your dog’s skin absorbs these chemicals almost immediately which results in a multitude of negative side effects including respiratory issues and neurological damage. Toss out those damaging toxic formulas, and feel better about providing your dog with safer care instead.

Protect your furry friends and give them a natural, more environmentally friendly method of flea and tick control with Spina Organics. Our organic Flea and Tick Dog Body Wash and Leave-In Spray Treatment system is infused with Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Rosemary, and Citrus to repel and help eliminate fleas and ticks. Gently lather your dog’s fur with our Flea and Tick Dog Body Wash and leave your dog’s coat bursting with a clean scent and silky feel. Follow up by spritzing your pup with our Flea and Tick Leave-In Spray Treatment that not only provides a protective barrier on your dog’s coat, but also imparts a fresh scent that can be applied to any fabric.

Our soothing vegan formulas use nature’s own essential oils to leave your dog flea and tick free with a beautifully clean coat. All Spina Organics products are free of artificial colorant, parabens, and sulfates. Let our anti-oxidant, antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients banish those pesky parasites. Banish fleas and ticks this season, with help from Spina Organics.

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Hi if I’m using a topical flea product and use your shampoos on my dog will it strip the solution off or is it safe to use together ?

Valerie Real

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