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Mauro Spina Introduces a Travel Line


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Spina Organics Featured at the Orlando Pet Expo


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Spa Grooming Products with Natural Ingredients Feature

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Spa Grooming Products That Keep Pets Looking Great



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Top 10 Products for Crunchy Pet Parents


"surrounds and breaks down dirt and debris naturally"

Better Grooming

Pet Business - May 10, 2019

"Straight A: anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antifungal."

9 Items to Help Dogs Take on Mud Season

Pets + - April 22, 2019

"a lightweight leave-in conditioner that nourishes fur without weighing it down. Enriched with Argan and Moringa oil"

Battle of the Bath

Modern Dog - April 23, 2019

"organic flea and tick treatment system with a body wash, leave-in treatment spray, and a rinse-free, tear-free, unscented daily pet facial cleanser made with micellar water."

We're Going Global Pet Expo 2019

Modern Dog

"Consumers are receptive to grooming products with indulgent properties and natural, safe ingredients."

What Pet Owners Seek in Grooming Products

Pet Product News - March 08, 2019

"I want my pet to look as good and smell as good as I do"

Consumer Preferences - Going Premium

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"Flea & Tick Body Wash and Flea & Tick Leave-in Treatment spray feature cedar wood and sandalwood"

Spina Organics Launches Pet Facial and Flea Treatment System

Pets Plus - February 14, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide

Modern Dog

"This wonderful, cruelty-free product line out of Southern California offers only the finest vegan ingredients, botanical extracts, and essential oils."

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Modern Dog

"products are vegan and cruelty-free and are not only good for cleaning little dog hairs but also soothing to my skin."

My Fall Four Product Reviews

Pet Companion - September 23, 2018

"I work with two incredible chemists and am always looking for ingredients that are grown properly"

Finding the Awe in Spa Products/ How Manufacturers Develop New Products

Pet Product News - September 04, 2018

"five different body washes, a leave-in conditioner and fur refresher, fur babies, or their pet parents can select just the right amenities to have on hand for any occasion. "

Spina Organics’ Botanical Grooming Products Travel Collection

Pets + - May 30, 2018

"an amazing company that makes specifically pH-balanced organic grooming products, biologically designed for dogs' skin."

Global Pet Expo Recap

Modern Dog

"Groundbreaking New Grooming System"

Top 10 Products - March 22, 2018